Al-Adan Comprehensive Adult ECMO Simulation Course

End on May 18, 2024

Welcome to Al Adan Comprehensive Adult ECMO simulation based course.

Overview of the course.

This 3 day  ELSO endorsed course is designed for multidisciplinary care team members like physicians (intensivists, Anesthesiologist, Emergency physician, Cardiac/ vascular surgeons etc.), nurses, perfusionists, physiotherapist and  allied health professionals involved in provision of ECMO service.

The rich course curriculum  cover various aspects of ECMO management and will allow the participants to train in a safe, team environment and learn the technical and nontechnical skills needed to provide high quality ECMO care.

The core components of the course include:

Day 1:

Didactic lectures

Day 2:

Hands on training on circuit priming


Low  fidelity simulation-based trouble shooting exercises.

Day 3:

High fidelity simulation based Ecmo management exercises.

Additional information.

For pre-reading materials, refer to ELSO Red book.

Course will begin with precourse assessment ( to know the participants baseline understanding) and will ends with post course assessment ( to measure the participants learning progress and for course effectiveness). Minimum pass mark is required to pass the course and obtain the  course certificate.

Successful participants will be provided with the course certificate which meets requirements for Step 1 and Step 2 criteria for E-AEC. For more information, visit the ELSO website :

Attendees will be eligible for CME/CPD points.

Core Faculty

Dr Huda Alfoudri

Dr Mohammad Shamsah

Dr Beena Yousuf

Dr Ahmed Hani

Dr Omar Bamasood

Ms. Alanood Ahmed Alramyan (Physiotherapist)

Mr.. Ajith Chacko  (ECLS Specialist)

Ms. Ansa Elizabeth (ECLS Specialist)

Ms. Rechele Noriela Sorinio (ECLS Specialist)


Department of Anaesthesia and ICU. 43PW+6QF Al-Adan Hospital,  Hadiya, Kuwait.

Center - Al-Adan Hospital ECMO Centre.



Date & Time

May 18, 2024

Start - 7:00 AM Monday

May 20, 2024

End - 5:00 PM Asia/Kuwait

Department of Anaesthesia and ICU. 43PW+6QF Al-Adan Hospital, Hadiya

--Department of Anaesthesia and ICU. 43PW+6QF Al-Adan Hospital, Hadiya--
--Department of Anaesthesia and ICU. 43PW+6QF Al-Adan Hospital, Hadiya--


Al-Adan Hospital ECMO Centre

+965 23940600

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